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Getting your emails delivered fast & efficiently is a challenge.
Let the experts handle it for you and start sending today!.

We help businesses deliver their emails, both transactional & bulk. And while every mail is different, our knowledge of delivery is universal!
  • Marketing agencies

  • Email providers

  • Online gaming industry

  • Daily deal providers

  • Transactional services

  • Clustered MTA environment

  • Enterprise performance

  • Geo-distributed gateways

  • Adaptive delivery

  • Isolated reputation

What you get
  • Realtime dashboard

  • Signing & Authentification

  • Reputation watchguard

  • 24/7 Support service

  • Flexible Pricing

Other services

Amazing featureset
IP Isolation

Reputation is key to email delivery. We isolate every account on dedicated IP space so you'll never have to worry about your reputation.

Custom DKIM signing

Sending over multiple domains for multiple customers? No problem, with custom DKIM signing you create reputation for individual clients.

147+ Blacklist monitors

Yes that's right! We monitor over 147 blacklists 24/7 and take necessary action. Never get delivery issues again with Teneo's blacklist monitor.

Adaptive delivery

Every receiving server sends continuous responses to all our queues, our infrastructure will automatically adapt delivery rates accordingly. As a result your reputation increases with every ISP.

Delivery insight

Need to find detailed information on a specific email sent on a specific time? Delve deep into your delivery log and see responsecodes for each and every mail sent.

Proprietary Sender Scoring

Teneo has built up experience over billions of messages sent and derived its own proprietary reputation scoring system giving you even deeper insight in your email deliverability!

Multi Account - Single Price

Are you sending mail flow for multiple customers? Great news, you can have 1 or 10 or a 100 accounts on our system free of charge, you only pay for the used volume !

Automated FBL/ARF Processing

Another key factor in email deliverability is handling abuse. When people click "this is spam" they do not want your messages. Our inhouse advanced ARF handler processes each and every complaint fully automated.

Hyper Performance

Do you want to send fast, lightning fast or even HYPERfast? We can handle it, our clustered infrastructure can handle hundreds of thousands of emails per minute !